Secure Online-Payment in Internet via MasterCard or VISA.
This Service will be guaranteed by Sberbank with high security standards MasterCard® SecureCode™and 
Verified by VISA.
You can only pay in Rubles.

How to pay for the tour 
Payment by card 
Payment for a tour is carried out using Visa, Visa Electron, MasterCard, Maestro bank cards of international payment systems Visa International and MasterCard International. Payment by credit card is made through the processing center of the Uniteller company. You will be redirected to the Uniteller secure payment page, where you will need to enter card details to pay for the order. After successful payment, an electronic check with the necessary information about the order made and the method of payment will be sent to your email.

When paying for the order, the following bank card details are entered: 
1. name and surname of the bank card holder, 
2. card number and expiration date, 
3. three-digit code (CVV2 or CVC2). For explanations about the features of payment on your bank card on the Internet, the reasons for refusal, you must first contact the support service of your bank. 

Security guarantees: 

Uniteller processing security is certified by the PCI DSS card industry data security standard certificate. The reliability of the service is ensured by an intelligent monitoring system for fraudulent operations, the use of 3D Secure, a modern technology for ensuring the security of Internet payments. 
Your card details are entered on a special secure payment page. Information transfer to the Uniteller processing center takes place using TLS encryption technology. Further transfer of information is carried out through closed banking channels, which have the highest level of reliability. Uniteller does not transfer your card data to the store or other third parties. 
If your card supports 3D Secure technology, to make a payment, you will need to undergo additional verification of the user at the issuing bank (the bank that issued this card). To do this, you will be directed to the page of the bank that issued your card. The type of verification depends on the bank – as a rule, this is an additional password that is sent to you via SMS, a map of variable codes, or other methods. 
If you have any questions about the payment made, you can contact the technical support service of the Uniteller processing center: or by calling 8 800 100 19 60. 

Cash payment

If you wish to pay by cash, you can do it at our sales office. Send a request for a tour from the tour search system and in the near future our specialist will contact you to discuss the details of booking and payment for your order. Then the process of registration of the tour takes place, as in the usual travel agency. 

You can get documents for the tour: 

• In the sales office of our travel company. 

• When buying a tour online, via the online shop of the tours, a package of documents for the tour will be sent to you at the e-mail address you specified when booking. 

• If your tour is booked in a visa country, then you can get your passport with a visa at the company desk of the tour operator at the departure airport or at the sales office of our travel company. 

Changing booking conditions and travel cancelation 

By booking a tour online and paying it by credit card, you agree to the terms of the contract-offer. Any changes or travel cancelation are carried out in accordance with the concluded agreement. 

If you have decided to cancel the tour or change its parameters, you need to send a written request to our company’s e-mail, specifying the number of the contract, the passport details of the customer and the passport details of the tourists. 

When you return the money, in case of the tour cancelation or reducing its cost, you may be charged penalties in accordance with the actual costs of the tour operator for the execution of the contract (if there are any). Money will be returned to the bank card. 

Payment methods

You can pay your private tours in a very simple and safe way! Once you agreed with our consultants , you can choose a payment method. We have no hidden costs and we focus us on the client-oriented service. Upon receipt of your deposit guarantee you will get a booking confirmation from us and our thanks for choosing us as your companions for your adventurous journey to Russia.


Pay cash without leaving your home! If you would like to pay via cash we will send a courier to you for free and he will deliver it to us.

Payment by bank transfers in Russia

Bank transfers by your choice in Euros, USA-Dollars or Rubles to the business accounts of the tour operator at the Sberbank in Moscow. Costs of the bank transfers are to be paid by customer. Here you can find Beneficiary's details.

Individual Approach

Bank transfers by your choice in Euros, USA-dollars or Rubles to the business accounts of the tour operator at the Sberbank in Moscow. Costs of the international bank transfers are to be paid by customer. Here you can find Beneficiary's details.

*Refund of transferred funds will be made to your bank account within 5-30 business days 
(the period depends on the Bank that issued your bank card).

*For payment (entering the details of your card) you will be redirected to the payment gateway of PJSC SBERBANK. Compound 
with the payment gateway and the transfer of information is carried out in a secure mode using the protocol 
SSL encryption. If your bank supports the technology of secure Internet payments Verified 
By Visa or MasterCard SecureCode, you may also need to enter a special password for payment. 
This site supports 256-bit encryption. Confidentiality of reported personal information 
PJSC SBERBANK provides. The information entered will not be disclosed to third parties, 
stipulated by the legislation of the Carrying out payments by bank cards is carried out in strict 
compliance with the requirements of the MIR payment systems, Visa Int. and MasterCard Europe Sprl 



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