The Grand Kremlin Palace and
Faceted Chamber
Take a Rare Tour of the Historical and Luxurious Treasure of the Кremlin
Be able to catch a rare glimpse of the beautifully decorated and historical hallways, throne rooms, ballrooms, and cathedrals that are housed within The Grand Palace in Kremlin. The Palace built over a span of 12 years to symbolize the greatness of Russian autocracy features nine churches, 700 rooms, the Terem Palace, and Holy Vestibule.

Once used exclusively as the Moscow residence of the reigning Tsar, The Grand Palace is now considered the residence of the President of the Russian Federation and location for ceremonial events that include official meetings and conferences with foreign dignitaries, inauguration ceremonies, and presentation ceremonies for state awards.

Tours of The Grand Palace in Kremlin are exclusive. Entry into most areas of the palace, including the Terem Palace, and the cathedrals are off-limits to the casual tourist. Tours with an official guide arranged through tour companies provide tourists with the best opportunity to walk through the rooms that were once reserved for the eyes of the royal family or foreign dignities.

Upon entry into The Grand Palace in Kremlin, you will experience and see a combination of architectural styles that were used to create these magnificent rooms. Architectural styles ranging from Byzantine-Russian to Renaissance were used to create some of the cathedrals and hallways that are seen during a tour of the palace.

Tours of the palace's various halls will become an important part of the experience. A stop at St. Andrew's Hall will allow you to feel as if you have magically stepped back in time. St. Andrew's Hall was exclusively designed for the use as Tsar Nicholas I throne room. Featuring domed cathedral style ceilings, multi-tiered chandeliers, and lots of gold-trimmed columns, this ceremonial hall was the location of numerous historical events.

St. Andrew's Hall maintained its regal majestic look until 1932 when the communists took control of the palace. St. Andrew's Hall and the adjourning St. Alexander's Hall were converted into meeting and conference rooms. This conversion resulted in the loss of the beautiful and majestic feel of the interior of the halls.

Sometime in the 1990s, the President of the Russian Federation ordered the restoration of these two halls to their former glory. Today, tourists are able to view the rooms exactly as they were intended to be seen.

Another historical and exquisitely designed hall in The Grand Palace in Kremlin is St. George's Hall. Decorated with gold painted walls and 18 solid columns that depict the victories of the great Russian army, this room has been the main location of numerous historical events. Everything from the celebration of the victory - known as the Great Victory - over Nazism to the launch of the world's first cosmonaut was celebrated in this hall.

Walking through St. George's Hall, tourists will be able to take in the sights of intricately carved marble plaques on the walls. Each of these plaques outlines great victories fought by entire regiments, navy and gun crews, and the Russian army.
Imporant information
Duration of the tour - 1 hour 30 minutes

The cost of participating in the excursion is 7000 rubles per person.

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