Flights on L-29 and L-39 training jets
L-29 Delfin is a Czechoslovakian training jet. It performed its first flight on April 5, 1959. In 1961 L-29 became the main trainer of Warsaw Pact countries. For the period of its serial production from 1963 to 1973 3665 L-29 aircrafts were produced. Later L-29 was replaced by Aero L-39 Albatros.
By the way world-famous Russian "Rus" jet flight squadron is performing their breathtaking aerobatics on this very aircraft and "Rus" squadron is one of the first jet flight squadrons of Russia.

"Rus" aerobatics team members are the only pilots in Russia flying onboard L-39 Albatros. The pilots will perform whatever you want aerobatics: rolls, inverted flight, low pass, turns, combat turns, dive, zoom, etc. !

There is an unforgettable adventure waiting for you. Together with first-class pilot from "Rus" aerobatics team you will reach the sky and perform various aerobatics at 900 km/h velocity. G-loads during aerobatics can be up to 6G.

Though L-39 is not a supersonic aircraft higher aerobatics will give you unforgettable experience. And besides you will perform your flight onboard one of "Rus" squadron aircrafts.

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General information on jet flight programs
Location: Krutyshky airfield (Stupino), 90 km to the South of Moscow. The flights are possible in the daytime in any season both on weekdays and at the weekends.

Limitations and precautions People under 16 are not allowed to take part in the flight. During the flight you may experience g-loads contraindicated to those having heart, nervous system and backbone diseases, diabetics and pregnant women.

Height: up to 2 meters
Weight: up to 120 kg

Preflight preparations Preflight preparation takes approximately 40 minutes and includes

  • Preflight briefing with a pilot on aircraft design and layout. You will discuss your flight program, higher aerobatics you'd like to perform. All pilots are qualified as first-class instructor pilots, and have total flight experience more than 3,5 thousand hours.
  • Ejection training – one of the most important parts of preflight briefing.
  • Briefing in the second pilot's cockpit on aircraft's control systems and actions in case of emergency.

The program includes

  • All necessary permissions
  • Briefing with a pilot
  • Control of the aircraft under pilot's guidance
  • Memorable certificate testifying your flight completion and souvenirs
  • Coffee-break before the flight and lunch after the flight

Additional options

Apart from the flight itself we will be glad to render you the following services

  • Transportation from Moscow to the airfield and back
  • Photo and video of the flight, Full-HD movie about your flight
  • Personal flight suit
  • Hotel accommodation
  • Memorable souvenirs