Armory Chamber
Duration of the excursion - 1,5 hours

The cost of participation in a group excursion is 1700 rubles (a group of up to 20 people)
The cost of an individual excursion is 12500 rubles (group of up to 5 people)

Excursions in the Armory Chamber are held on the following sessions: 10:00, 12:00, 14:30, 16:30

Thursday is a day off
What will you see during the tour
The "Armory Chamber" of the Kremlin is located in 9 rooms on two floors and exhibits about four thousand exhibits for visitors.

The state museum collected precious items closely related to the history of the formation of the Russian state and for centuries constituted the treasury of the royal dynasty of Russia. Some of the unique exhibits were made by Russian masters, while others were donated to Russian sovereigns by embassies of foreign countries.

One of the most popular exhibits is the famous "Cap of Monomakh", which was placed on the heads of Russian tsars, who held the throne before Peter the Great.
Also in the halls of the Armory Chamber are:
1. a unique collection of weapons of different ages
2. samples of ceremonial clothes of grand dukes and kings
3. gold and silverware
4. items of horse harness and 24 crew
5. collection of Easter eggs by Faberge
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Helpful information
Excursions for children
We organize thematic excursions for children and schoolchildren of lower grades. (For example: "As King Saltan was visiting" with elements of theatricalization on the first floor of the Oruzheki)
Excursions for foreigners
We organize an excursion in any foreign language with licensed guides-translators
We organize an excursion in any foreign language with licensed guides-translators
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